Meet The Flock



I’m Mac, a Chinese!  Also known as Macadoo and Doodle.  I am the Alpha goose and am very loud!  I am also the tallest!  You will see me do something and then run back and tell the girls about it!

I’m Fanny, an Embden!  I am Mac’s girlfriend and we were rescued together from a river.  I have Angel wing.  It gets in my way sometimes but Jenn trims it each year after the new feathers grow in.  I am very shy.

I’m Shelby, an Embden!  I was rescued from a local lake begging for food from people in the parking lot.  I am very friendly and have a distinct voice.

I’m Skynyrd, a Chinese-African!  I was rescued as a baby from a feed store.  I am the ham of the bunch and think I am a person.  You will see me hanging out with my brother Lynyrd unless people are around.  I love going to BassPro and Petsmart.

I’m Ms. Donald, a Chinese!  I was rescued as a baby from a feed store where I was being pecked to death.  Jenn thought I was a boy and looked like Donald Trump which is where I got my name.  They found out later I was a girl!  You will see me hanging out with Lynyrd and Mac and I honk like a pig!

I’m Lucy, a Toulouse!  I was rescued from a farm.  My sister was Ethel and we were quite a pair!  Sadly she swam under the ice last year and got trapped.  I really missed her and grieved until Rosie came along.  I am very shy!

I’m Rosie, a Toulouse!  I was rescued from a park where the other geese picked on me and I was so hungry.  I am very shy and have a distinct voice.  You will hear me say “Bah, ga, ga, ga”.  I have 2 white wing feathers!

I’m Jenny (left), a Toulouse-Chinese and my boyfriend is Forrest (right), a Chinese-African.  You will always see us together.  We were pets but then turned out at a park where we were very hungry until we were rescued.  I look different as I have an orange beak with black lipliner and tip.  You will hear me say “Hem, hem, hem, hem, hem”.  Forrest has a cataract on his left eye and cannot see on that side.

I’m Eve, a Chinese-African!  I was rescued from a park where I was left at Christmastime.  I am very shy.


I’m Pickles, a Muscovy!  I was rescued from a large river.  I am a small girl and love to march around the barn and wait for my feeder that I use as a bed.  You will see me beg each evening for my feeder to be turned around so I can get in it!  I trill and “squeak, squeak”!

I’m Kisses, a chocolate Muscovy!  I was rescued from a pond at an animal shelter.  I look like a Hershey’s kiss, thus my name!  I like to hang out with Dutch and Pickles and wag my tail!

I am Buttercup, a Pekin!  I was hatched on Nov. 9th, 2012 in a high school biology class and my left foot was turned backwards.  Nobody wanted me except a student named Chase took me home, gave me my teddy bear and loved me so much!  I came to the sanctuary when I was two months old to be able to live with other ducks.  My foot was painful and would bleed when I walked on it without a bandage so my dad Mike made me a new foot by copying my girlfriend Minnie’s left foot using a 3D printer.  I became famous in 2013 when the world found out about my foot and have been on TV shows around the world!

I’m Rudy, a jumbo Pekin!  I am Buttercup’s big brother and was rescued from a park in December of 2013 when I was only a month old and it was freezing cold.  I hang out with Laurel, Hardy, Lily & Festus.

I am Festus, a Rouen which is a domestic relative of the Mallard.  I was found in a pond with a fishing lure in my bill and left leg.  I had not eaten for quite a while and my leg was infected.  Dr. McGee removed the lure and after receiving antibiotics and hydro-therapy I am doing quite well.  I have a slight limp from the injury but it does not slow me down!  I hang out with Rudy, Laurel, Hardy & Lily.

I’m Danny, a Muscovy mix.  I was hatched in an incubator and my right foot was turned backwards, similar to Buttercup.  I came to the sanctuary at 2 weeks old and Dr. McGee was able to work with my leg to get it turned around and even though it is a club foot, I get around ok on it.  I like hanging out with the other Muscovy ducks.

I’m Cocoa, a Khaki Campbell.  I was found at a local park where I had been abandoned at 2 weeks old.  I have beautiful brown and tan feathers.

I am Laurel, a Blue Swede!  I am Hardy’s sister and love to hang out with Hardy, Rudy, Lily & Festus.

I am Hardy, a Blue Swede!  I am Laurel’s brother and love to hang out with Laurel, Rudy, Lily & Festus.

I’m Oreo, a tufted Ancona!  I was rescued at a park that was draining the lake in the summer of 2014.  I was starving and had an injured leg but am very healthy now and hang out with my buddy Beau & Loni!

I am Cookie, a Rouen!  I was rescued from a park that was draining the lake in the summer of 2014.  I was so sick from intestinal parasites and infection that I could barely stand up and was only days from death.  I weighed only 3 lbs!  I made a miraculous recovery here and now weigh 7 lbs.

I am Puddles, a Pekin!  I was rescued from a park and was starving such that my pancreas was damaged and am now susceptible to pancreatitis.  Mike has to watch my diet or else I will have pancreatitis flare-ups and seizures from low blood sugar.  I hang out with Olivia, Jack & Jill.

I’m Olivia, a Pekin!  I was rescued from an apartment lake where I was alone and hungry.  I love it here and quickly took up with Puddles, Jack & Jill.

I am Jack, a Pekin!  I was rescued from a local cemetery with my sister Jill in the spring of 2014.  When found, we were very hungry and were headed to the woods right before dark where a fox or coyote would have gotten us that night.  I love it here with Jill, Puddles & Olivia.