In Memoriam – Our angels that have passed on but will never be forgotten!


My name was Grampa, a Dewlap Toulouse.  I was the old man of the flock.  I was rescued from a park where I cut my right foot on either glass or metal and got bumblefoot.  Dr. McGee treated me and I lived with a limp for 5 more years.  I was hatched with a rye tail so my tail pointed to the left!  I died May 30, 2013 from complications due to severe joint damage over the years and the severe pain.

My name was Daisy, a Toulouse.  I was rescued from a park with Grampa.  I was rescued after Grampa and was so afraid to be caught that I learned how to fly a short distance.  I was so happy when I was reunited with him.  I died in November of 2014 from intestinal cancer.

My name was Wilma, a Pilgrim.  I was rescued as a baby from a feed store.  I was very quiet and shy most of the time unless it was springtime and I had a nest!  You could tell me apart from the others because of my white face.  I died in Feb. of 2014 from elevated estrogen levels.

My name was Golly, a Toulouse.  I was rescued from a feed store where they sold my mate to someone for food.  I was one of the 1st residents of the sanctuary with Lynyrd, Skynyrd, Wilma & Donald.  I died in 2010 from complications due to aspergillosis.

My name was Stefani, an Embden.  I was rescued from the park with Charlie and Nicki.  I died in the summer of 2011 from an ectopic egg.

My name was Ethel, a Toulouse.  I was rescued from a farm with my sister Lucy.  I died in 2011 when I accidently swam under the ice when it was melting and was trapped.

My name was Nicki, an Embden  I was rescued from a park with Charlie and Stefani.  I looked like Stefani but had a tuft of feathers that stuck up on my head!  I was very shy.  I died in 2014 from cancer.

My name was Lynyrd, a Chinese-African!  I was rescued as a baby from a feed store. Also known as Honk because of my shrill voice.  I looked like Skynyrd except bigger and I had a yellow-orange ring around my eyes.  You would see me hanging out with Skynyrd and Ms. Donald. I died from chest cancer.

My name was Charlie, an Embden!  I was rescued from a park with Nicki and Stefani.  I was named after Charlie St. Cloud and was very shy.


My name was Willie, a Pekin.  I was rescued from a park with Freckles and Blondie and loved those girls.  I died March 13, 2014 from complications due to a stroke.

My name was Freckles, a Pekin.  I was rescued from a park with Willie and Blondie.  I had the amazing ability to catch bread thrown to me like a dog! I died in 2012 from botulism.

My name was Blondie, a Pekin.  I was rescued from a park with Freckles and Willie.  I was pals with Minnie since we both had bad arthritis and our legs hurt.  I died November of 2014 from liver cancer.

My name was Minnie, a Pekin.  I came to the sanctuary from a high school hatching project.  My friends were Laurel, Hardy, Festus and Blondie.  I fell in love with Buttercup when he came in January of 2013.  Buttercup needed a new foot so I stood real still so my dad could take pictures of my left foot and then use computer modeling to create a prosthetic.  I had very bad arthritis and my leg joints deteriorated so bad and were painful but I was happy so long as I was with Buttercup.  I died September 12, 2014.

My name was Laci, a Welsh harlequin.  I was brought to the sanctuary with a broken leg.  I had surgery to fix the break and worked really hard at recovering for a month.  In September of 2013 one of the pins started backing out and during the procedure to remove them, I did not wake up from the anesthesia.

My name was Dutch, a Muscovy!  I was rescued from a place where I was being plucked for feathers.  They cut my upper beak about 1/2” so I did not pull out my feathers.  I couldn’t preen very well so my feathers did not stay as pretty as the others.  I was full of personality!  I would wag my tail and “huff, huff, huff”.  I was not raised in the water and did not like to get in on my own.  I would swim like a tugboat!  I died from old age.

My name was Lily, a Buff!  I was rescued Easter 2012 from a park and had fishing line wrapped around my leg.  I had surgery to remove the line but always walked with a limp.  My boyfriend was Hardy.