Did you know that Domestic Ducks and Geese…

1) Were originally bred as farm animals and cannot fly like their wild relatives.

2) Are much heavier than their wild relatives.  They move slowly which makes them prone to attack by predators and also makes them very susceptible to foot injuries which are life threatening.  Look at the Pekin duck’s feet below immediately after being rescued from a park where she walked on concrete daily.  These sores are painful and turn into a condition called bumblefoot where the infection moves into the bone and then they lose their feet and die shortly thereafter.  Thankfully she received medical treatment and is ok now.


3) Are very smart, loving pets with unique personalities.

4) Require proper nutrition for good health.  White bread and corn are not good as a sole diet.

When released on local parks and ponds, these birds will suffer from injured feet due to walking on concrete and sidewalks, starvation since they cannot fly to other locations for food, and metal poisoning from eating bottle tops, wire, can tabs, etc, or will be killed by dogs, coyotes, foxes, raccoons.

At Easter time, PLEASE do not get baby ducks and geese and release them when they get too big to keep.  It is a definite death sentence.  Learn about the proper way to provide care for them before you get them.

Visit our sister sanctuary web site at http://majesticwaterfowl.org for more details and the ultimate pet duck and geese books which will help you learn everything you need to know!