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“Heaven on Earth for Domestic Ducks and Geese”

Our mission is to help abandoned domestic ducks and geese with food, shelter and veterinary care; and facilitate adoption into safe, loving homes.  We promote education about domestic waterfowl to stop abandonment and assist owners with proper care.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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Nov. 24 2009 316

Help us create the NEXT Generation of 3D Feet and Legs!

3D printer
Buttercup Bounding Box 3-21-13


Buttercup is not the only duck in need of a prosthetic. There are so many more. Gone is the time where ducks and geese with one leg lose their ability to waddle. Help us change the world for injured waterfowl.  The prototype method used to create Buttercup’s foot (molding, casting and mailing prosthetic components back & forth) is extremely challenging and not practical for creating prosthetics for others due to the vast amount of time and manual labor required.  This also makes it difficult to meet the needs of animals facing immediate amputations.  Acquiring a 3D printer will allow us to create new designs that can be quickly scaled and printed.  This WILL help ducks and geese (and possibly other birds) of all sizes and breeds, based on their individual situation.  Not all amputees are the same - some need new webbed feet, others require an entire leg.  Our new designs will have bendable ankle and knee joints!

Help us open the door to change!  Imagine HOW MANY birds will benefit from having this technology right here at our sanctuary.  All sponsors will receive a 3D printed foot like Buttercup’s on a keychain and have their name listed here!

To make a donation, please contact us via mail (our address is at the top) or CLICK HERE for PayPal

Thank you to these Sponsors!
Lisa Hayes Dunlap, Bernadette Flanagan, We're Shore Cookin' Now, Wendy Boucher, Richard Flanagan, Darren Lester, Sydney Anderson, Matteo Costa, James Briley, Noreen Rossi, Townsend Duong, Andrea Bianchi, Richard Crafer, Debra Kney, Lisa LaFlame, Rita Abraham, Jamie Boyle, Protuino, Josie Short, Twin Trinity Media, Julielynn Wong, Allan Hatcher, Alaina Burton, Michael O'hagan, Jessica Williams, Crystal McDonald, Kit Kat's Closet, Nazife Kirimca, Cindy de Visser, Joyce Petrina, Sydney Anderson, Stefan Radunz, Jerry Brown, Christine Mytko, Stephanie Chan, Elaine Cramer, Elisabeth Dudek, Jens Ehrhardt, William Sirois

Follow Buttercup as he gets a new high tech foot!


They say "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is probably a duck". But I am a duck, I REALLY am, even though I have not been able to walk like a duck since I was hatched on Nov. 9th, 2012. My name is Buttercup and my left foot was turned backwards. My mom Chase worked with me to try and get it turned around but it only partially turned. I have been hobbling around on it since then. My new home at Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary has many ducks and geese and my new Dad Mike is working with Dr. Shannon McGee to make me a new foot using the latest technology in 3D modeling and printing. Please follow my journey to becoming a "real duck" so I can go outside and play and swim with all the other ducks. Any support or sponsorship you can provide will be a big help!
My Facebook Journal is Here


Domestic ducks and geese are often purchased as babies and once they grow up are released on local public ponds. They cannot fly thus move slowly and either starve or are killed by predators. Their weight to body ratio causes deadly foot infections (bumblefoot) on rocks and concrete. We take a group of volunteers, rescue them and take them to the veterinarian where they are examined for metal poisoning, injuries, bumblefoot and treated. We rehabilitate them and provide a safe home. Our sanctuary has a one acre pond enclosed in a 5 ft fence with electric (top & bottom) and extends 2 ft in the ground to keep predators from digging under. They have feeders and fresh water which is changed daily and eat the best available food (Mazuri). They have calcium and grit for hard eggshells and proper digestion. At dusk they all go into a barn with food & water to protect them from owls and the elements; then are let out each morning at dawn. Some of the birds are special needs with such problems as partial blindness, leg injuries from fishing hooks/line & recovered bumblefoot.

Lily Magnet
Lily at vet 2

Festus is a Rouen which is a domestic relative of the Mallard.  He was found in a pond with a fishing lure in his bill and left leg.  He had not eaten for quite a while and his leg was infected.  Dr. McGee removed the lure and after receiving antibiotics and hydro-therapy he is doing quite well.  He has a slight limp from the injury but it does not slow him down!

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