About Us

Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary was started in 2007 after learning about the needs of these beautiful birds. We are registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Contact Us for more information or click ‘How Can You Help?’ in the menu if you would like to help the sanctuary.

Sanctuary Information…

8521 Craven Rd.
Arlington, TN 38002

Jennifer Garey – Director, Daily Care
Mike Garey – Website, Daily Care

Ione Katz – Secretary
Harrison Lingo – Media, daily care!
Melanie Simmonds – Super helper! Weekly care, brings lettuce, watermelon, canteloupe, etc.

Area: 2 acres protected by a 5’ fence which extends another 2’ in the ground. The fence is protected by electric wire at the bottom and top to prevent predators from climbing. A 1 acre pond is inside the fencing.

How We Help

Many of the birds are starving and very sick when we rescue them.  This is a typical example of the transformation of one after being rescued and given needed medical care and proper nutrition.